Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday in the Big City

Saturday morning I left the house at 6:45 am and headed to the Big City (Sapporo). While waiting at the bus stop, I met a businesswoman who was also going to Sapporo and we “talked” a bit. She wants to take English lessons and we exchanged contact information.  We’ll see what happens.

When I got to the Big City, I found my way to the subway, then the Hokusei Girls’ High School.  The first event of my day was to attend a Kanji Calligraphy workshop at the High School. I had such a good time. The students were divided into groups of six to work with the English speakers (called guests). 

Each group worked with an English speaker for 15 minutes at a time. Here are the five groups I was able to work with.

The girls practiced their English while making up a Kanji name for the guests. Next they taught the strokes to the English speakers.

I wrote this, with instruction from the high school girls.

It was very fun.  I hope they will invite me back to their next culture event.

My next stop was the Hokkaido International School for their Flea Market fundraiser.  Most of the items for sale were children’s toys, books, and clothing items that I wasn’t interested in. I was surprised to see one of my Japanese teachers there!


I wanted to go to a museum next and got to the correct subway station, but after walking around and around, I wasn’t able to find the museum. Oh well, maybe I’ll go back another day.

I went back to Odori Park, then made my way back to the bus station and home. I had a good day.


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