Friday, May 24, 2013

Not Yet

I have all the yo-yos put together but I’m not done yet. I still have a few more things to do with it.  Stay tuned….


  1. Wow - you are making great time on this and it looks great! It may not be your typical color scheme, but it surely is mine and I LOVE it - do you have a particular outfit or occasion you will wear it?

    1. I don't want to work with these colors all the time, but I am really liking this. I don't have any plans for anything special to wear it. Maybe it will be my every day wrap.

  2. Looking beautiful. Have you kept a count of how many hours work went into this? It's a real work of art.

  3. I haven't kept track of how many hours, but I know it is a lot. Some days I've worked on it from morning until I went to bed! It's a fun project and hard to put down. You asked earlier about the weight and it's not heavy. It's not finished yet, but I don't think it will get much heavier.