Friday, June 28, 2013

Beads and Cross Stitch

The after-Japanese-class-stitch-group continues working on the bead necklace project, with each stitcher working at her own pace.  Two are finished with the cross stitch and have begun working on the beads and the others are continuing with the cross stitch.  Needle threading is a challenge, especially now for those working with the bead needles.

The university-wives-group is also doing beads and cross stitch on perforated paper.  Here’s what ours looked like at the end of our get together this week. (I’m doing a new pattern in purple thread, with white, black, and purple beads).

Finally, here is a new dragonfly that I made for Ted when he was in Kyoto last week.

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Queeniepatch said...

Looking fun, looking good!