Saturday, June 22, 2013

War on Weeds

We’ve learned a few things watching the other gardeners at the community plot where we rent a space. We put black plastic down in rows to keep the weeds from growing around the plants.

We put plastic bags around the plants to keep the wind from knocking them over.



We still have a few more things growing on our balcony and will plant them in the garden when they get a little bigger. We have watermelon seeds sprouting and hope to get many melons from our garden because they are so expensive in the store. A small round watermelon sells for 2000 yen or more.  I read in the kyodonews that the first Hokkaido watermelon of the season sold at auction last Monday for 300,000 yen. (In the US we bought large watermelon for $2 each at a roadside stand.)
We also planted Japanese pumpkin this year and I’m excited that they have little blooms already.