Friday, June 7, 2013

TAST 69 - Buttonholed Double Chain Stitch

This week's Take a Stitch Tuesday is the Buttonholed Double Chain Stitch.

I was really busy this week and the stitch looked difficult, so I didn’t attempt it on Tuesday, like I usually do.  It wasn’t as difficult as it looked, although I do need practice on maintaining a straight line! As Sharon warned, it was a bit wobbly at first, but behaves after getting a few stitches in place.  My first attempt was the red #5 perle cotton; next, the blue #8 perle cotton; and finally, the yellow soy luster.  I think the fatter thread shows the stitch definition better, although if the stitches with the thinner threads were smaller, they might look better. In all three threads, the stitch would look better if it were straighter.  I like this one and will use it again.


Margaret said...

I do admire the way you attempt new stitches. Have you seen this blog -
She does the same TAST as you do and has some interesting photos.

Pamela said...

I do read Queenie Patch's blog, and she reads and has commented on mine. She is so creative! And she's in Japan.

Queeniepatch said...

Hi girls!
It was funny to read my blog mentioned like this! Thank you for visiting and your kind words!
Happy quilting!