Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Good With a Fork

People here are often surprised when foreigners are able to use chopsticks. Pretty much every time I eat with someone other than Ted, I’m told that I’m good with chopsticks, and sometimes even Ted tells me that. The other day when my neighbor was over, I served coffee and an apple pastry with a flaky crust, along with a fork to eat it with.  Without thinking, I turned the fork on its side to cut the dessert into a bite sized piece.  My neighbor, who uses chop sticks more often than forks, was not able to do what I did, and commented that I am good with a fork. No one's ever said that to me before.

This is a re-enactment and not the actual event depicted above.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

I had to laugh! Just as well you are good with a fork (and a spoon and a knife)or it would be finger food always:-)