Sunday, June 16, 2013

Over 35 Need Not Apply

I see a variety of job ads here looking for native English speakers. Some are for university teaching positions and the job requires that the applicant have a Ph.D. Others require Japanese language skills in addition to being a native English speaker.  Sometimes the job notice specifies British English or Australian English or American English. The job ad might require a car and a driver’s license.  This week I saw an ad for a children’s camp and the ad specified native English speakers ages 20 to 35 only. I’m not looking for another job, but it feels very strange knowing I’m too old.

Ted’s too old, too, and here’s proof – one of his birthday dinners.  This one is at our favorite restaurant, Bombay Blue. (We'd eat here even if it wasn't his birthday). At least we aren't too old to have another birthday dinner.

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Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to Ted - hope he enjoys his month long celebration