Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Walk on a Sunny Day

It’s so nice to go for a walk on a sunny winter day.  Look at all these snowmen I found near the train station.

On the days when snow doesn’t fall, people take advantage of it and try to clear away some of the snow that’s on the ground.  Most of the time that means scooping it up into trucks.  There’s no room to push the snow to the side of the road.  This was near the Culture Community Center.

Near the library, the street was closed so the machines could chop up the snow and shoot it into trucks that were lined up, waiting to be filled.  It took about three minutes to fill a truck, then another took its place.

People have to shovel the roofs to prevent them from caving in.  It’s also common to cover first floor windows because the snow can break them if they aren’t.

I hope you are enjoying a sunny day, too.


Grit said...

Wow this is a lot of snow.

Queeniepatch said...

Yes, thank you, it was sunny in Tokyo and that helped melt the heavy snow that fell the day before!

Anonymous said...

My parents were in Hokkaido in the late forties, part of the Army's reconstruction efforts. I have always been amazed at how people have to adapt to live with so much snow! Are they recycling that water in reservoirs or something? Just curious. That's a *LOT* of snow!