Friday, February 14, 2014

Vintage Handkerchiefs

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In Japan, this holiday is for women to give chocolate to men – a little different from the American holiday.  Ted, being a romantic and an American, gave me this box of chocolates.  Kawaii desu!

I recently saw some vintage handkerchiefs on caro-rose-creationshere and here.  It started me thinking about some handkerchiefs I have, so I pulled them out.  They are all sheer, most with designs in all four corners.  Some are a little discolored, but still beautiful.  I’ve been saving them to use in some project, but I haven’t thought of the right project yet.



  1. Kawaii chocolates! Lucky you! Now what, according to Japanese traditions, are YOU going to give HIM!
    Your handkerchief collection is great, picture no five is quite unusual with the geometric design.

  2. So beautiful those hankies.
    I quite fancy making some like that into a narrow banner to sit half way up my kitchen window but they are less easy to find now.
    lol us stitchy folks have snapped them up, not surprisingly!!

  3. They are beautiful, and would be wonderful in crazy quilting. Now isn't there a day in March for you to return the favor?