Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Takikawa Lantern Festival

(I've added a tab to the top of my blog with links to posts about festivals we've attended in Japan).

Saturday afternoon, Ted and I took the local train to the town of Takikawa to attend the  12th annual Lantern Festival.  We arrived before dark and took a few photos before the official opening ceremony at 5 pm. After the opening, lighters were handed out so all of the candles could be lit.  There were about 14,000 paper bag lanterns, each with snow inside holding a candle. The venue for this event covers the train station area, the main street, several side streets, and the area around a shrine. The entire festival lasted only three hours and it was amazing.  We love living in Japan.

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Queeniepatch said...

Fantastic! What a great idea to weigh down the paper bag with snow!