Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday - Dragon and Garden

I’ve done more on the dragon body.  I’m not happy with the color changes.  I’ve been changing one thread of the three at a time, but it doesn’t blend.  I don’t have enough thread to take this out and start over, so it will stay. I still need to add the over stitches with Accentuate so that might help.

With the Tuesday group, I’ve made a small amount of progress on the RSN garden.  I’m doing turkey stitches with wool.  Later I’ll cut the tops off to make this into bushes.

I also worked on the small garden.  I still have lots of knots to make.


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  1. I think your dragon is just gorgeous!

  2. The dragon is growing scalier and scalier - soon ready to fly off!
    I had forgotten about your two gardens, sorry, and it was nice to see them again. I have never made Turkey stitches. Are the loops difficult to control? The knots, although many, in the small garden, are surely easier to control?

    1. The loops aren't difficult to control. There is a locking stitch after each loop. With the knots, it's hard to know how many are enough.

  3. I write it again. Your dragon is amazing!!! Wonderful work.

  4. Your dragon is amazing

  5. Enjoying your dragon very much, although you are making a critical remark about the body I do not see what's wrong with the colour. Fantastic work!

  6. The small garden is beautiful, the colours look so fresh and inviting.

  7. O yes, your dragon is gorgeous!

  8. Your dragon looks amazing. The small garden has so many specialty stitches. It looks difficult. You really have stitching skills!