Saturday, February 1, 2014

Twelve Months to the Double Nickel - February edition

I can only give myself a so-so grade for walking in January, but I’ll try harder this month.  My February plan for improvement is stretching.  I’ve never been flexible, but am getting less so as I get older.  My plan is to stretch in the morning and the evening.

With snow on the ground, it's hard to believe, but we are still enjoying the vegetables from last summer’s garden.  We have some onion and peppers chopped and frozen and we are still enjoying these fresh kabocha.

I’m still looking for a pair of Dorothy’s slippers!  This week, on the morning I needed to go to Sapporo, it was snowing and blowing like a blizzard.  The blowing snow caused drifts that closed the expressway, canceling the busses all day.  The trains started running late morning, so I missed my morning Japanese class but was able get to my part time job in time for my afternoon classes. The trains were still running in the evening, so I did get home, although later than usual.  Last winter I only worked at the university (across the street from where I live) so I didn't have any winter transportation problems.
As I was walking home from the train station that night, I found a phone in the snow. Ted took it to the university and  with the help of one of his students, reunited it with its owner, another student.

I have several things on my calendar this weekend, so I hope the snow doesn’t prevent me from doing any of them. If I do have to stay home, I can always stitch.  I just started stitching the beads on this needle book.


Queeniepatch said...

For us who have no snow your problems are difficult to understand. I hope you will be OK for transportation next week, although staying home stitching isn't so bad either!!!
Isn't it nice to still have vegs to remind you of autumn? The picture of the pumpkin inspired me to make pumpkin cream soup for dinner tonight.

Margaret said...

Getting around in the snow is a huge problem in Hokkaido isn't it? The transport system is great but blizzards play havoc with timetables. I sure hope all geos better next week.

NADINE said...

Oh, you give me the "push" to start stretching, as well *Ü* I'm very static and, with time, I can feel my "rusty" joints and muscles begging for some exercise...
Too bad you had such transport problems due to the snow. Here in Belgium, our winter is much softer than other years and we only had one day snow, up to now, which is very unusual. Our farmers are begging for some frost and snow, much better for the ground, before spring.
Enjoy your sewing !