Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Vietnamese American Culture and Cooking Class

Yesterday’s weather only kept me from half of my planned activities.  I wanted to go to Sapporo in the morning for an event, but the blizzard and snow drifts forced me not to leave town.  In the late afternoon Ted and I participated in a culture and cooking class at a community center in our own town. Ted drove us and this is what it looked like outside.

The event was led/taught by an American of Vietnamese descent who lives and works in our town. Each table group was made up of several local Japanese people and one foreigner.  First, there was a power point lecture with the topics demographics, history, political activism, economics, and religion.  It was very interesting and not anything I’d heard before.  Next we played a Vietnamese game and the winners from each table won prizes.

I’m really (and I mean, really) not a cook, so I wasn’t a lot of help for my group – a dad and his two sons. Ted was at a nearby table group with a Japanese couple who spent time in the United States.  The cooking lesson was for Vietnamese Style Egg Rolls and Vietnamese Style Pancakes. The leader was very thoughtful and brought tofu for me because he knows I don’t eat pork.

After cooking, we all ate.  Oishii kata desu!

We are so fortunate to have so many multicultural learning opportunities.


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It all looks so fun! Delicious food, many laughs and high piles of snow!