Saturday, May 10, 2014

Japanese Cranes and Other Live Animals on Vacation

Kushiro and that area in Eastern Hokkaido is known as the home of the Red Crown Crane. These birds have been on the endangered list since 1970.  There are about 2750 living, with about 1000 of them in Japan.  This species is the largest of the cranes, measuring about five feet tall with a wing-span of seven to eight feet.  Winter is the main time to observe them, so we were very excited to see about a dozen of them in a field.

I’m fascinated by these birds and made this beaded purse a couple of years ago. (Not vacation related, but I like to add something stitched when I can to any post.)

We saw several herds of Ezo Shika (Ezo Deer).  They seemed to be as interested in us as we were in them.

There were some very large horses on several of the farms we passed.

A few ducks were in a lake.
We saw a cute cat in a cage near an observation area.

Ted saved me from this scary bear.

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Anonymous said...

The red crown crane is beautiful - and so majestic. Love the pics!