Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vacation Kanji

We were gone four days, so I had to take my Japanese class homework along.  We had been assigned 35 Kanji characters to memorize and practice writing.  I already knew the meanings of 14 of them, but needed to learn the others and learn the stroke order for all of them. I practiced pages of them, and still need to practice more!

While we were on the trip, I looked at the signs and was surprised to see how many of the basic kanji we are learning were on the signs!

The car kanji  was everywhere on road and parking signs.

Book   (also one of the two kanji in "Japan" - Nihon)



These are just a few of the many I saw and could recognize.  It’ll be a long time before I know enough characters to actually be able to understand what the signs say, but it is kind of exciting to see a few things I recognize.


  1. That takes me back to the early days of Chinese learning.

    Good for you! So many live out there and make no effort to speak the language, let alone read and write it. You're my kind of people!=)

  2. Great start on your Kanji journey! It is so much fun to hunt for known characters, and as you know there are lots of signs, billboards and posters everywhere. Keep up the good work!

  3. I remember learning hundreds of Kanji but I'd be hard pushed to write any of them now! I recognised yama, and the symbol for "woman" though not the word. I think I still remember the numbers too, 1-10 anyway. But that's it!