Thursday, October 23, 2014

Otaru - Again

After getting home late Saturday night after Beer Camp, we slept fast and met our friends at the Sapporo train station to start a new adventure in Otaru, the place we visited a week before.

We told our friends about the soda machine business last week with the dogs and children. We still don't know what it's about.

Colonel Sanders changed his attire since the week before and is now ready for Halloween.

We walked around and took in the sights – some we saw last week and some new.

For lunch we went to a famous seafood place called Poseidon.


Later there was lavender soft ice cream.
When we were tired, we headed to the train station. We had a beautiful view of the sea from the train on the way home.

We enjoyed visiting with our friends, and hope to see them again soon!


Queeniepatch said...

You do pack a lot into your outings! I envy you your energy!

Thoeria said...

Lavender ice cream? Wonder how that tastes!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful plate of food. Lavender ice cream -cool!