Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beer Camp Across America - in Hokkaido

Our friends from Yokohama came to Sapporo for a meeting last weekend and we were very excited to get to see them! We found out about something called “Beer Across America” being held at a little bar in Susukino and thought it would be fun to attend with them.  Here is the promotional information about the event:
Beer across America special tasting dinner party.
Sierra Nevada released a limited collaboration 12 pack that was sold out
immediately to celebrate the building of their North Carolina brewery.

You will get to taste 3 oz each of 12 different beers and try 6 dishes that will
either be made with beer or reflect the region of some of the breweries.

This beer is not sold in stores or on the net.
Stock is limited, so please reserve your place early.
Each beer with be described by the Dr.of Beer, Phred Kaufman.

Here’s an article about Phred

We had no idea where the event was being held and got there a few minutes early with the help of Ted’s phone.  It was an interesting place that held about 35 or 40 people at the most and was in the basement!

Each “course” had two types of beer and some kind of food that was made with beer. Phred introduced the beer and the food.

We ate and drank well and had a good time with our friends. 


D1-D2 said...

Oh my God! That wall behind the bar is something. It reminds me of this pattern by Ink Circles

Queeniepatch said...

This must have been a fun and very unique event, the perfect place to take visiting friends to.