Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count - One Stitch at a Time

I’m really a slow hand quilter.  Some people can rock the needle and load several stitches on the needle at once.  I quilt with my left hand on top and the right hand below.  My left hand pokes the needle down and my right pulls enough thread to turn the needle, then pokes it back up.  My left hand pulls the thread up and I do it all again for the next stitch.


I stitched on the quilt a good bit over the weekend and this is how much I have done.

It seems I really was Home Alone over the weekend.  With 16 apartments in our building, Ted’s car was the only one in the lot yesterday and he wasn’t even home.


Margaret said...

My what a mammoth task. I wonder how many stitches there would be in your completed quilt?

Grit said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic.

Queeniepatch said...

You are a very patient quilter! I am not so fond of pieced quilts as the quilting is hard. I prefer appliqué quilts or wholecloth as there are only three layers to pierce, then rocking is not that hard. You have set yourself a mammoth task as Margaret pointed out.
If neighbours are noisy with babies or loud TVs then being 'home alone' is a bliss, but it can also be a bit strange to be alone in such a large building.

Blue Moth said...

I've been doing that too - if I try the recommended way somehow my needle doesn't stay upright and the reverse sire looks awful. But you're doing this because you enjoy it, right? Take as long as you like. And your stitches look perfect.

Thoeria said...

Oh my.....this is a task of epic proportions! But oh so gorgeous!

Manuela said...

Wow, wonderful progress. It looks great.

Greetings, Manuela

KimM said...

Wow - patience and persistence. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!