Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scar Management

After my recent surgery, I have a six and a half inch incision line in my lower abdomen going from my belly button off slightly to the right, plus the two holes where the drains were.  Not a pretty sight, believe me.  Ted brought me back these two products that were recommended by the pharmacist in the US.

I don’t expect to be wearing a bikini or showing off my bare abdomen in public (except maybe at the onsen), but I’m not crazy about having these ugly scars as reminders for the rest of my life.  We’ll see how well these products work.

Has anyone else had any experience with getting rid of scars?

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Margaret said...

I didn't know there were products like that. I have a veritable patchwork of scars which all started off red and ugly and have faded over time to White and not-so-ugly. In fact I hardly notice them now.