Sunday, November 22, 2020

Illumination in Japan

 In Japan, this is the season for illumination, or night time light displays. In the US, I would call this "Christmas Lights", but in Japan they are called Illuminations.

This year, I don't know if there will be illumination displays or not.  They often bring crowds of people to see them, so maybe they will not be held this year because of the spread of coronavirus in crowds.  I don't know.  I do know I'm not going to see any illuminations. I've taken a look back at a few I've seen in the past.  

Sapporo, Hokkaido


Shimizu, Shizuoka  

Kyoto, Kyoto

Kushiro, Hokkaido

Maybe next year...


kiwikid said...

Beautiful illuminations

Queeniepatch said...

I have heard that the famous avenue of Omotesando in Tokyo, where the threes are usually lit up beautifully, drawning huge crowds, will be illuminated in a different way this year.
Instead of the tall Zelkovia trees, only the lower bushes along the pavement will be decorated with small lights. Nothing spectacular, and there is no reason to go especially to look at those!
I won't be seeking out any illumination spots either, but might see some lit up trees on my way to the supermarket. That will be enough for me.
Stay safe. The third wave is growing high during this three-day bank holiday; FAR too many people are out and about!

jacaranda said...

Stay safe, another wave, will it ever go away? Christmas lights attracts so many to view, they have become very popular here and homes who display them, raise money for charity by charging people to view them.

Vireya said...

Beautiful displays from years past.

Jeanie said...

They're very impressive (I am WILD about the snowflakes) but yes, I could see why they would attract a crowd, not so wanted this year.

Leonore Winterer said...

I have a lot of 'maybe next years' on my to do list...but it's nice to have these pretty pictures as a reminder!