Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Green Tea Experience Trip - Part 3

 The adventure continues. I had a bed in a big room all to myself and it was very comfortable. The host had a great breakfast laid out for us when we got up in the morning.

I would definitely like to stay here again!

Our next stop was the award winning Aito Tea Farm, where we had green tea and a Japanese sweet.

Macha More, which may have been my favorite place, was next. The original factory was turned into a little cafe and a new factory was built behind it.  We started in the cafe area.  After being shown how to make the macha, which starts as small tea bits, we got to try making macha ourselves. What fun!

After that, we headed over to the factory for the tour. We were able to follow the path of the tea, and it was very interesting!

Guess what was next?  Drinking the macha we made and enjoying a Japanese sweet!  There were three types of sweets to choose from. I chose the one that looks like an autumn leaf.

Come back for Part 4 and I'll tell you about lunch and the afternoon activities!


kiwikid said...

Wow your trip gets better and better! Love that autumn leaf snack.

diamondc said...

Pamela: Positively amazing.


Beth in IL said...

What a fun trip! I just learned to drink matcha tea. It is so fun to see where it is grown.

Vireya said...

You were obviously well fed on this tour. Those sweets look too good to eat!

Queeniepatch said...

That macha tea you ground yourself must have been really delicious!
A friend of mine is a tea ceremony teacher and she buys her leaves directly from a famous farm and then pulverises the leaves in a hand operated stone mill, just like you used. The fragrance is supposed to be fantastic.

Jeanie said...

Were you in a ryokan or an air B&B? It looks beautiful and so does the breakfast. And how cool is it to grind your own tea. I'm so impressed! Can't wait for more!

Leonore Winterer said...

Man, Frank would have loved this tour - it really needs to go on the list for next time. And all those sweets! Sounds like you really did have a good time.