Saturday, February 20, 2021

Vaccination Plan in Japan

Last Sunday, the Japanese government approved the Pfizer vaccine and began vaccinating health care workers across the country on Wednesday. The screen shot below gives all the basic information on how it will work. 

It seems so organized, so Japanese. The local governments will mail out tickets when it is your turn.  You get vaccinated in your own town, so no one can drive to another prefecture to get the vaccination earlier, like I've heard happening in the US. The homeless can be vaccinated.  There is no cost to individuals, the government is paying for it. 

In addition to the recently approved Pfizer vaccine, AstraZeneca has already applied for approval and Moderna began clinical trials last month and may be approved in May. 

How are vaccinations working where you live?  Have you already been vaccinated?


Vireya said...

We have tiers of priority. My mother is in 1a, as she is in a nursing home. The vaccination teams will visit residential care homes. Mum is scheduled to get hers next Thursday. Unfortunately she is saying she doesn't want it, because my father has given her some misinformation.

My father is in 1b, because of his age. We don't know when 1b will begin, or how it will be conducted. If he decides to have it, he will probably have to visit either the hospital or doctor's clinic, but no details have been given about that yet.

I am in 2a, but have no idea when or how I'll get it. I won't be hesitating like my parents. I'll take it as soon as I can!

kiwikid said...

That does sound very organised, I am not sure how it is happening here .

jacaranda said...

My husband and I will have the vaccine but don’t know or heard anything about tiers. Our daughter working in a hospital has not heard of anything either when I asked her. She will no doubt get hers before us. We will be patient and wait our turn, getting very tired of negativity re covid.

Queeniepatch said...

I get the impression that it is a mess in Sweden, with stronger, pushier, richer, more well connected people jumping the queue. It seems people don't know when, how or where to get their jabs.
I am so grateful for living in Japan!

Shami Immanuel said...

Good to hear.

Jeanie said...

Once it got rolling the vaccinations were pretty easy in our state but there are counties where there isn't enough. And other states have it much worse. This does sound organized.

Leonore Winterer said...

Here the order is a little different (seniors 80+ fall into the first category, as well as high-risk healthcare workers, and healthcare workers who, for instance, have little to no contact to patients come further down the road), but otherwise, it's very similar. My grandma got her second shot last week, and with any luck I'll get my first one in Mid-March!