Friday, December 17, 2021

Kawagoe Castle Ruins and Honmaru Goten

Honmaru Goten means the palace in the inner-most circle of defense and is the only surviving building of the former Kawagoe Castle.  It served as the lord's residence and offices. 

The Castle was originally built in 1457.  The palace structure was added in 1848, shortly before the end of the feudal age. 

This place was the main reason for my visit to Kawagoe and I was not disappointed.

I love the way the doors and walls can slide or be removed to allow the air to flow through the building, and to give views of the garden from inside.

The garden areas are raked into designs.  No one walks here.

There were displays and pictures through out with Japanese explanations.

From far away, I thought the center thing was made of a tree, but it was fur!

It's normal when visiting historical places to have to remove your shoes.  As you can see from the number of shoes, there were not many people visiting when I was there.

My weekend away will continue with the next post.

If you are interested in Japanese Castles, please check out my Castle Page.


Vireya said...

What a serene and beautiful looking place!

Queeniepatch said...

It is so beautifully build with all the wooden features. The good thing with the pandemic is that if you venture out there are not as many people around and you can enjoy sights to the full.

BeingBored89 said...

So simple yet beautiful! I can't wait to return and see more of Japan. I loved visiting places like this. Hopefully we will make it back in 2024 for our 10 year anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Not gorgeous.
However, the watermark in the“欄間”(Ranma)seems to. Have been made by a craftsman, and lean rooms and corridors.
I think it's a well- though-out structure with the light of the sun. It's best to go when there aren't many people.

It will be a digression.
The ninja must have sneaked somewhere. In historicl drama, it's on the ceiling or under the floor.
※There are no ninja in Japan today.Maybe・・・.🥷
By the way,“鬼狩り”(Onigari)too.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you shared so many photos -- the place is magnificent. And so very interesting. Beautiful grounds and I love the light. I can see why you wanted to visit!

Leonore Winterer said...

What a beautiful place, it looks so peaceful!
I hope your feet didn't get too cold. I remember mine were freezing by the time we reached the end of Sanjūsangen-dō!