Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jazz and Tapas

We went to dinner at a Jazz and Tapas restaurant and it was another case of not knowing what was going on until it was over.  The sign outside featured a beer and tapas set, which was what took  us into the restaurant.  The menu was in Japanese with no pictures, but we could read the katakana.  There were three types of pizza on the menu, all with meat, so we asked if it was possible to order pizza without meat. The waitress said they could make the bacon and vegetable without meat.  We decided on the beer and tapas setto and ordered that, which was promptly served.

Apparently we had also ordered not one, but two pizzas! I was served the vegetable pizza and Ted the bacon and vegetable pizza.  The vegetables on the pizza were peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, corn, and peas.  Between ordering the setto and the arrival of the pizzas, Ted ordered a plate of pig leg shavings so he also had that to eat!

We enjoyed the music, had more than enough for dinner that night and lunch the next day. Maybe we’ll go back again and be more careful about what we say to the waitress.

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