Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Star Count - Finished Shoe Bag

In Japan, you frequently have to take your shoes off when you go inside offices or community centers or other places.  There will be slippers for you to wear, but I feel better about wearing my own slippers rather than some that a hundred other people have worn.  I made myself a slipper bag to carry my slippers some time ago and it can be seen here.  I felt kind of bad when I saw Ted’s slippers in a plastic bag when we went somewhere recently, so I decided to make a bag for him.  The outside is made from a kimono I bought at the second hand store, the inside is a bali print I brought from the US. The hexagon squirrels cover the seam.  It has a square bottom, a drawstring top, and no exposed seams. 


I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and Ted likes it, too.


  1. A great idea! Often the slippers offered to visitors are a wee bit too small for 'gajin' feet! It is interesting to see the hexagon pattern in the kimono fabric.

  2. This is so good! You have so many useful ideas.

  3. Aha (spelling?) I wondered what you would do with those hexie squirrels. I see you put them to good use. The kimono fabric is beautiful.