Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Change of Plans

Last week after Japanese class, Ted and I planned to go up in the Sapporo TV Tower for the view, then eat at the restaurant in the tower. It was snowing like crazy with visibility being all white, so we decided to do the tower another day and find a different place to eat that day. We ended up eating at a place we’d never eaten before called Hikari, sitting at a window table where we watched the snow fall while we ate.  Our dinner choices were pretty predictable – Ted had hot udon and I had cold soba. 

We hope to go up in the tower another day soon.


Janie said...

So much snow! Is it that typical or more than usual,,, Looks like you two had a good dinner.

KimM said...

Looks yummy -

Pamela said...

This is our fourth winter here and we've had a lot less snow this year than any of the others. The first winter we were here we had record breaking amounts of snow - more than any winter since they started keeping records in the mid-1940's, so this winter seems very mild to us.​ Even this winter is much more than we ever saw in the US in a year, but after the previous three winters, this one seems very mild.

Beth in IL said...

I think it looks delicious!