Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stitching for Literacy

Nikki at Stitch Bitch is posting 31 stitching finishes this month for Craft Month.  She is giving lots of links for ideas and tutorials, as well as showing her own finishes.  A couple of days ago, she posted about a project in Alaska called Stitching for Literacy (read the post here), with a link to bookmark finishing. I think promoting literacy is a great cause, so I made a bookmark and will put it in the mail tomorrow. (In case you are wondering, the bookmark says "My Book" in crayon letters.)

The snow is beginning to melt in Hokkaido.  Here's what the nearby shrine looked like when I was out walking yesterday.


Manuela said...

Greetings, Maneula

Queeniepatch said...

We haven't seen more than a few flakes of snow this winter and now in Tokyo the buds on the cherry trees are beginning to swell.