Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tokyo Named Safest City in the World

The Economist has named Tokyo the safest city in the world in its recent Safe City Index 2015, with Osaka coming in at #3. With Tokyo hosting the Olympics in 2020, this is good to hear!

The study ranks 50 large cities around the world in the areas of personal safety and the risk of violent crime, health security, infrastructure safety and how the city protects digital privacy, coming out with an overall index number.

Here’s how the 50 cities came out in the rankings:

1. Tokyo

2. Singapore

3. Osaka

4. Stockholm

5. Amsterdam

6. Sydney

7. Zurich

8. Toronto

9. Melbourne

10. New York

11. Hong Kong

12. San Francisco

13. Taipei

14. Montreal

15. Barcelona

16. Chicago

17. Los Angeles

18. London

19. Washington, D.C.

20. Frankfurt

21. Madrid

22. Brussels

23. Paris

24. Seoul

25. Abu Dhabi

26. Milan

27. Rome

28. Santiago

29. Doha

30. Shanghai

31. Buenos Aires

32. Shenzen

33. Lima

34. Tianjin

35. Rio de Janeiro

36. Kuwait City

37. Beijing

38. Gunagzhou

39. Bangkok

40. São Paulo

41. Istanbul

42. Delhi

43. Moscow

44. Mumbai

45. Mexico City

46. Riyadh

47. Johannesburg

48. Ho Chi Minh City

49. Tehran

50. Jakarta

Do you live in any of these cities? What do you think of the study’s results? You can read more about the results here.



  1. "Studies" are put out by people who can't help being biased one way or another, I find studies 'entertaining'.
    However, Japan on the whole does have a good reputation; that's my bias.

  2. I have experience of living in three of them, Tokyo, Stockholm and London, and I would rank those in the same order. To tell the truth I have never been afraid in Tokyo, except when there have been earth tremors.

  3. Weird, I would have though Montreal was safer than New York.

  4. I guess it depends on what part of New York they're talking about....I feel safe in Manhattan but not in the Bronx. And I'm surprised to see Mexico City on the list as well.