Friday, March 27, 2015

University Graduation 2015

Before we left on our trip, the university held its graduation ceremony, followed by graduation parties.

The ceremony was held in the new gymnasium.  Many of the women and some of the men wore the beautiful traditional Japanese kimono.

The ceremony is followed by a university party for all the graduates.

This party is followed by individual department ceremonies to give out diplomas.

There is a tradition at this university to throw the graduates up in the air.

In the evening, the women change to party dresses and there are several consecutive dinner and drinking parties.

Congratulations to all the new graduates!


D1-D2 said...

That looks like fun :) I love the kimonos the girls are wearing, especially the hair pieces.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I'm fascinated by the special kimono with the extra 'skirt' piece. Is that sort of in place of the graduate gown worn in the west? They look quite like Korean hanbok, don't they?

Glorious, happy and colourful photos. Thanks!

Janie said...

How fun! What gorgeous colors, great pic.s. Thanks for sharing.
Janie @
MA said I was set to 'no reply' I'm not sure what that means, I'll have to get my son to
help me when he gets home.

Thoeria said...

What absolute fun! I love the kimonos beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love all the color and I really enjoyed the pics of the graduates being tossed into midair, how fun!!

Pamela said...

The overskirt thing is called a hakama. Women traditionally wear it over the kimono at graduation ceremonies.

Renee said...

It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! The kimonos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing such great pictures. They really capture the excitement and joy of the evening.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Ahhh! I see. I thought it must be something like that. :)