Saturday, May 9, 2015

Oka no Shashinkan (Photo Museum) and the Furano Cheese Factory

The photo museum was a small cabin at the edge of the woods and featured the work of Kenji Atsumi.  There was no admission charge, but the photographer/owner asked visitors to buy a post card to help support the museum.  We bought a pack of 12 postcards and were given a 2015 calendar free! Taking photos in the museum was not allowed, so you’ll just have to visit the museum to see this artist’s large photos! The current exhibit is called Sea of Clouds.

Very near the photo museum we found the Cheese Factory.  We decided to stop and see what it was all about since we were already in the area.

In the entry way there were some beautiful quilts hanging from the second floor, along with a little wood orchestra.

We followed the usual route for the cheese tour and saw the process through glass windows (that don’t make for good photos). There was an area for tasting cheese and some other informational stuff after that.

Outside there was a big International Harvester tractor.  Ted was a big Kodamo and climbed up.  He tried to tell me about the pedals and making turns and such, but I’ll probably never drive a tractor.

I’ll tell you more about the trip in the next installment!


  1. I do enjoy your pictures! Quilts, cheese factory, a red tractor; not just any tractor. Happy Friday!

  2. What a fun day out, AND the additional treat of a quilt show, and the tractor, of course!

  3. beautiful quilts and photos