Thursday, May 7, 2015

Asahiyama Zoo in Spring

We were gone Saturday – Monday on our little Golden Week Trip.  Our first stop was the zoo outside Asahikawa.  We visited once before in the winter and I wrote about it here.  Things were a little different in the warmer weather. For one thing, it was much more crowded, being a beautiful Golden Week Saturday.  The admission cost for adults is 820 yen, but children 15 and under get in for free.

My favorite things this trip were the flamingos, penguins, and giraffe.

Trash must be separated at the zoo, as it does everywhere else in Japan.  Ted was a little challenged on this one and had to ask for help.
We didn't have to ask for directions, because the signs were in katakana!

Before leaving we had to try the strawberry ice cream, made with real strawberries – yum!

After leaving the zoo, we headed to Furano.  More on that part of the trip later….


  1. When they say EMPTY BOTTLES they probably mean GLASS bottles.
    For me the katakana signs would be a challenge - I often don't know the names of animals even in Roman letters!

  2. I love the thought of an オオカミの森! And I'm impressed how nice the plush animals look for kids riding on them all day haha.

  3. Loved your post - what vibrant colors on the flamingos. Love the stuffed animals for the children to ride.

  4. Thanks for sharing your adventure. What fun for the children! I like the colorful flamingos too and the variety in the