Friday, May 8, 2015

Ted Saved My USB Flash Drive

Sometimes I walk by myself, sometimes I walk with Ted.  I was glad Ted went with me yesterday.  We were at the bridge park and when I was walking across this bridge, my usb flash drive jumped out of my pocket and into this water.

I said “Oh, no!”, but quickly Ted peeled off his socks and shoes and jumped into the water (and four inches of mud) to pluck out my little usb before it was lost or ruined forever! 
Afterwards he put his shoes back on and we continued our walk.  Thank you, Ted.

Around our neighborhood the tulips have sprung out.


  1. Lol - Ted deserves another strawberry ice crea cone

  2. Heroic indeed! Beautiful flowers, so cheerful.

  3. How sweet he is! I felt love from Ted to YOU^o^/ Manami

  4. What a wonderful walking companion you have!

  5. Haha, just like out of a manga scene! You just need to say "arigatou senpai" shyly and run away to complete it. Or buy a crepe as thanks.

    Spring really took hold once that snow got out of the way. Looks lovely!