Sunday, May 24, 2015

Don't Do This Unless Ted is Your Husband!

The “c” key on my computer was kind of sticking, so I thought I could fix it by using the vacuum cleaner to get any dust out. Don’t do it!  When I did it, the ‘n” and the “<,” keys got sucked up into the vacuum cleaner.  Luckily, Ted had just changed the bag a few days ago so there wasn’t much dirt in the bag.  I was able to retrieve the two keys, but I couldn’t put the vacuum cleaner back together.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t put the two keys back on either. (But, on a side note, the “c” key was working fine after the big suck up.) When Ted came home from work, he found a video on YouTube that explained what to do to get the keys back on and he fixed it! He knew how to put the vacuum cleaner back together without looking at YouTube.

He’s a pretty good handy man with other things around the house too.  Check out how he fixed a clogged drain here.

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