Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday - Getting Unstuck # 7

This project was started last August in Janet Bolton’s class at the Bath Summer Textile School.  I enjoyed the project during the two days in class and probably would have continued working on it when I returned home, if I hadn’t had surgery immediately upon my return.  After surgery, it was awhile before I felt like stitching again, so it became stuck. It reminded me of how I felt back then so I didn’t pick it up again.  Until now, that is. If you take a look at Janet Bolton’s work, you’ll see it’s all about the applique. I like the applique, but what I really like is embellishing. This picture is about the four seasons in Hokkaido and as you can see from the basted lines, winter is the biggest part of the year.  I’ve begun adding some chain stitched branches. I know it looks kind of primitive, but I like it.

Check back next Wednesday to see my progress.

Renee at Living My Dream recently finished a project she was stuck on and you can see it here.  Anybody else finishing projects that have been stuck?


  1. There is so much you can do to embellish this picture and I am sure you will have fun 'getting unstuck'. It's good to hear you can work on it without being reminded of the post surgery distress.

  2. I like your color foundation, lots of room for all kinds of embellishment, the more the merrier.

  3. Interesting work Pamela, always surprising us with your very different projects.