Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hearts and Flowers

The group is finishing the blackwork heart pieces. Here are three of them. 

I love how they individually chose to  finish them.  This one has a stick with fabric balls at the end.  

This one has lace added.  

This one has a sleeve on the back.  

The next project is a little snap purse with flowers.   They will each design their own purses, so first we needed to learn some stitches.  I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of their practice pieces.  We made flowers with organdy ribbon and spider web roses with various types of threads.  Next time we will practice making leaves, then the designing will begin! 

These little "8" shaped cookies look like chocolate, but they are made with tea!  Delicious!


  1. Hi Pamela wow the hearts look terrific,love how each one is finished different,oh those bikkies look yummy.

  2. It looks like you have a lot of fun in this group.

  3. Oh gosh! The hearts look amazing! And the purses sound really exciting ...... I can't wait to see what they make! I can almost smell those biscuits...... they do look tasty!
    Barbara x

  4. Those embroidered hearts are so beautiful. You must be very proud of your students friends :) I've been wishing for a long time to try my hands on blackwork... maybe this year ??
    Hmmmm, those "8" cookies look delicious !


  5. Beautiful hearts! The cookies sound great.

  6. Your students are hardworking and patient - blackwork is time consuming and can strain the eyes. The result is great and as they have finished each in their own way they become very personal.
    I'm looking forward to the report on your purse making.

  7. Of course I love the hearts. Heart are my favorite motiff. I especially like the one with the heart charm.
    xx, Carol

  8. The group you are working with are so talented. That must add to the fun to work with the ladies. I love how they fully finished their hearts.

  9. What a great group you have! I love those little hearts, especially the finish with the stick is awesome.

  10. Oh those red-work hearts are so beautiful Pamela. Cheers Glenda