Sunday, August 25, 2013

Berry Wreath Block

I haven’t completed much on this silk ribbon miniature quilt project and I know why – I haven’t worked on it much. As pretty as the silk threads and ribbons are, I don’t just love working on this piece.  Not yet, anyway.

I replaced the red basting stitches with cable stitches done in white silk thread then I stitched one area – the Berry Wreath.

The hoop is another issue I have with working on it.  The largest hoop I have is 13 inches.  This is not big enough for the entire project and I won’t be able to move the hoop around because it will smash the silk ribbons.  I looked for a larger one at a couple of shops in Sapporo but the largest one I saw was only 24 cm. Another option will be to see if I have stretcher bars that are big enough to accommodate this piece. We’ll see how much I get done on it this week.

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Queeniepatch said...

This is the best kind of frame for a project you don't want to put in a hoop or frame. You simply pin the area you want to work on to the wadded frame .