Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pins & Needles Finish

Another finish!  It helps to pick up something with very little left to do.

I put the pin mattress together, stitched the word “scissors”, stitched a snap on the littlest piece, and joined the needle pages together. The directions called for five pages of needles.  I thought three would be good and made a little holder for a tape measure to put in the remaining space.


At that point it was ready to begin the finishing part of the project.  I like how this little toolie thing has a “spine” to the book.  I also like the Rhodes hearts that are raised and give the cover some dimension.

There is a teeny tiny snap on a teeny tiny strap to hold the scissors in place and the pin mattress holds pins in the side.

So here it is, another very useful finished project.


Margaret said...

What a lovely "toolie". The little floss bobbins are so cute and the layout when the book is opened is so very practical. Well done.

Jessica said...

very cute. I like the hearts too~

Queeniepatch said...

That pin mattress is a great idea; and such a beautiful bed for all your sewing needs!

Grit said...

This is so cute.