Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TAST 78 - Cloud Filling Stitch

This week’s featured stitch on Sharon B’s Pintangle blog is the Cloud Filling Stitch.  I tried it out using two colors of blue perle #8.

I added another row, using three stitches as the holding stitch, all in the same blue thread.

Finally, I put a few stitches inside the clouds – 2x2 woven cross stitch, 4x4 woven cross stitch, colonial knot, eyelet, and rice stitch.

I like this one! I can see there are a lot of possibilities with variations.


Margaret said...

Mmm. I like this one too.

Queeniepatch said...

I've been playing around with the Cloud Filling Stitch, too, and like you I think it is great. Your idea of adding stitches in the 'gaps' is great.

Annet said...

Those gaps are great for other stitches or beads. I like your idea of making 3 stitches to hold the lacing too.