Friday, August 2, 2013

Eat It All Now

When will I learn?

One of my classmates from Japanese class, Sonaka from Thailand, brought a bag of plums to share with the class.  Another classmate, Jamie, ate her plum when she received it.  I smelled my plum then put it in my bag to eat at lunch. I should have been like Jamie because later I found my plum smashed in the bag, making a mess.

This reminded me of a month long backpacking trip I took years ago in Wyoming.  About half-way through the trip, a horse packer brought us out a re-ration bag of food that we had packed before starting out on the trip.  In our re-ration was a big bag of peanut M&Ms.  My friend and I divided our bag of M&M and she ate all of hers on the spot.  I ate a few of mine and put the rest in a bag in my pack.  My plan was to eat a few each day and make them last the rest of the trip.  When we got up the next morning I saw that an animal had been in my pack and had chewed through the bag and eaten all of my peanut M&Ms.

The lesson of the story is that if you don’t do it now, it may not be there later. 

Very little Kingfisher progress
I’ve been working on the gold twist that outlines some of the leaves. 

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Margaret said...

I did laugh to myself about the M&Ms! Rather disappointing I should think.
The kingfisher is coming along we'll. Isn't it amazing how the small touches of colour really lift the piece.
Hope you both have. A great weekend.