Saturday, August 17, 2013

Purple Sashiko Finish

All different sashiko panels and threads are available at the fabric store, from the traditional indigo blue with white thread patterns to many other patterns and color fabrics and variegated thread colors.  This soft purple panel appealed to me so I bought it, along with purple thread and a variegated pink and purple thread. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I actually stitched this one a couple of weeks ago, but it was a gift and wanted to wait until it was received before I posted about it.


Gas Prices Rising
According to the Japan News, gas prices in Japan have risen in 37 of the 47 prefectures for the sixth week in a row, with the summer travel season and Obon given as a reason for the rise. The average cost of a liter of gas (160.2 yen) is 14 % higher than a year ago (141.1 yen). Hokkaido is one of eight prefectures where the cost of gas has decreased, and the prices in Nara and Tokyo have remained flat.

With one gallon being approximately 3.8 liters and $1 USD about 97 yen, I think that makes a gallon of gas in Japan cost about $6.32 USD right now. (If my calculations are wrong, please correct me.)

Never Enough
You'd think spending Wednesday evening and Thursday evening at Bon Odori events would be enough, but not for us!  Last night we went to two more! These two were within a couple of blocks of where we live and we could hear the music from our apartment.  At the second one, we saw our friends, the Okudas.


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Queeniepatch said...

Your sashiko stitches are so even! Beautiful!
I guess you feel like the Japanese; bon odori is cooling!