Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Calendar

Stitching Circles

This is a good time to do an update on my stitching circles (groups).  The Japanese teachers are continuing to work on their perforated paper with beads and cross stitches necklaces at their own pace. These pictures were taken last week when two of them had finished the pouch part of the necklace and were beginning the necklace part.


The University wives are taking a break from their beaded necklaces for a couple of weeks while my neighbor’s son is on a summer break from kindergarten and is joining us. This week they finished felt snowman ornaments with no counting involved.  (They will add the photos to the snowman bellies at a later time.)


I’ve made many of these little snowmen and have given some away as gifts.  Here are two that are on our tree every year.


Alicia and I stitch together on Friday afternoons and lately she has been working on a crazy quilt penny purse.  Last week she finished the embellishing and used this cotton cloud fabric for the lining. After making red twisted cording, she is ready to stitch it up and finish it with two snaps.


I’ve been teaching in Sapporo the last few days and have only put a few stitches in the kingfisher at night, and made a few hexagons between classes during the day.  Look for those soon. 


Margaret said...

You certainly have a wide variety of people and crafts in your life :-)
Those little snowmen are cute. With Christmas being summer in New Zealand I never really create snowmen although I do have one beaded one for my tree. Amazing how climate changes one's perspective?

Queeniepatch said...

Your embroidery calendar is certainly full of activities, and such variety!