Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TAST 77 - Woven Cross Stitch

This week’s stitch at Sharon B’s Pintangle Blog is the Woven Cross Stitch.
(Disregard last week’s woven zig zag chain at the top of the photo). I tried this stitch out with floss (blue and green), Kreinik 4 braid, and perle #12  (yellow) and perle #8 (pink).  I tried using one color floss for the bottom cross and another for the top and it was not what I expected. I think this will be a good stitch for flowers.

I noticed that this tree in front of our apartment is changing color already.  It’s still summer, isn’t it?

It was 81 F on our Hokkaido balcony yesterday, which is pretty hot for our area, but nothing to complain about. reported that temperatures hit a record breaking 41 C (which is about 106 F) in Shimanto, a Pacific coast city on the western island of Shikoku on Monday, breaking the former record of 40.9 C from August 2007.


Queeniepatch said...

Wow! That is HOT! I hope autumn comes by temperatures gradually dropping. Here in the UK it is already cool and a cardigan is needed.
I like the two coloured Woven Cross Stitches.

Jessica said...

Oh how I miss a Hokkaido fall. Enjoy~