Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bear Encounters in Hokkaido

I read in the Japan Daily Press that there aren’t enough acorns this year to feed the bear population in Hokkaido, so people can expect the brown bears to come into “human settlements” looking for food.  Government officials have issued a warning to people who venture into natural areas this fall, looking for mushrooms or enjoying recreational activities. This special warning is to last through the end of October.  Next week is the International Exchange Society’s annual mushroom party in the nearby forest.  I’ll report afterwards if we encounter any bears.

Fall and Winter
I've put a few more stitches in my Four Seasons project. Here's fall.

Here's Winter.

Here's each season. I think I'm ready to start putting the book together.


Grit said...

Looks so interesting !!! I love your little snowflakes in winter.

Greetings Grit

Queeniepatch said...

Great! I, too, love the snowflakes. A year in Hokkaido.
BTW, take the bear warning to heart; get sound advice, carry a bell, and look out!

Margaret said...

I am in love with this. You are very clever :-)