Saturday, October 26, 2013


Our summer garden has come to an end, but we will be enjoying kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) for some time to come.  Our kabocha vines had many kabochas.  This has become my favorite vegetable, so I’m sure we will plant it again next year. It’s kind of funny looking and not like the orange American pumpkin. The shell is very hard and they will keep for a long time.

 Ted cuts it open and scrapes out the seeds, then cooks it in the microwave with a little water.

The rest of last night's meal was stir fried vegetables with shrimp and scallops. (Ted adds bacon to his.) What a good cook Ted is!

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Queeniepatch said...

Your dinner looks good and healthy.
I've never seen a Japanese pumpkin shaped like that; at the green grocer's they all have the typical Halloween shape.
Two more easy recipes for you:
1) add a dollop of mayonnaise on thinly sliced pumpkin, place on baking tray and cook for 5 minutes in the 'oven toaster'.
2) steam, micro or boil chunks of pumpkin, purée in a blender, add chicken stock powder and milk with a bit of water and heat. Delicious autumn soup. Remove the green skin for a yellow soup, keep it on for 'earthy' green one.