Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Weather in Hokkaido

Typhoon Wipha is making its way north and everyone here is all excited.  Wipha 2013 was the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane and is weakening as it comes closer to Japan. (There was another storm named Wipha in 2007). It is supposed to hit or come very close to Tokyo later this morning, continuing north east. Wipha is the 12th typhoon and the 26th named storm in the Pacific this season.

Yesterday the outdoor life professors and students worked to get canoes and other equipment put away. I think it needed to be done before winter anyway, so the effort wasn’t wasted. The grocery store was busy yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t notice anyone stocking up on milk and bread, like they do in North Carolina before a storm.

It’s been rainy and getting much cooler lately. Several people have told me they’ve seen yukimushi, the little white bugs that come before the snow falls.  I haven’t seen them myself yet this year, so I’m going to continue thinking winter is still awhile away.

I’ve begun a small autumn stitching project and hope to finish it before fall is gone this year.

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Queeniepatch said...

I hope you did not suffer the wrath of the storm - I guess you have seen the deadly devastation on Oshima? In central Tokyo we were all right but it WAS a fierce storm! I also saw that snow has started falling in some parts of Hokkaido. Keep warm and keep stitching! Is the new project some kind of autumnal ornament, or for Christmas?