Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Start of a Flat Christmas Tree

I can’t say I thought much of yo-yo’s in the past, but after the shawl I made earlier this year, I think they are kind of fun. My new project is a wall hanging for Ted to hang in his office.  I think this is a good decoration for Japan because there is so little space for such things. I decided on green yo-yo’s for the tree and made a background of red squares. The reverse side of the wall hanging is Christmas fabric (12 Days of Christmas) that Margaret sent me. So far it is just sandwiched together with pins.

I’ve also pinned the yo-yo’s to see how it might look. Nothing is stitched down yet, so it may change. I’m already thinking about the embellishing!


Queeniepatch said...

This will be such a cheerful, jolly Christmas decoration!

Margaret said...

I like the green tree - hadn't thought of doing a single shade myself but it is very effective. As you say, flat trees are great in Japan where there is little space. I rather like this one too but am better at working with fabric than wood. That lady had a husband to help with the carpentry!