Saturday, October 12, 2013

The New Semester

The new semester at the university started the beginning of October. I have most of the same students I had last semester, plus two new ones.  Part of our lesson this week was on how to give directions. I know it was difficult for them because there was very little chatter as they studied the street map.

Ted has a new teaching schedule this semester and as it happens he is free on the morning I go to Japanese class. That may change as the semester goes on, but for now, he doesn’t have teaching obligations that morning. All levels of Japanese language lessons are offered and are taught by members of the Hokkaido International Women’s Association at the place I study Japanese.  This past week Ted came with me and was put in a class with two women from Korea who are at his level.  Two people in my class, Jamie and Sonaka, had birthdays recently. Sonaka, who is taking Japanese cooking lessons, in addition to Japanese lessons, brought pineapple birthday cake to share after class.

I think she is probably getting an A in cooking – the cake was delicious.

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