Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Morning Star Count - 155

I’ve been working on this project for several months and I’m still loving it. If you know me well, you know that I usually work on something awhile, then put it away and work on something else. This isn’t my only project in the works now, but I have been working on it consistently every week.

I’ve completed nine more flowers this week for a total of 155.

In order to continue making flowers I have to join flowers to free up more paper hexagons. When all six sides of a hexagon are attached to other hexagons, you can pop out the center. As you join more and more together, you can pop out all of the centers (keeping just the outermost in place) and reuse those paper templates.

I’m trying to be random in how I join the flowers, while at the same time not put two flowers with the same fabrics together. Time will tell how successful I am at being random and not putting the same fabric together. I highly recommend this paper piecing and Jessica’s Quilting on the Go book.

Gift Giving
Japanese and American cultures have different traditions on gift giving.  I’ve written before on giving omiyage when you return from a trip and how the new neighbors bring you a gift when they move in.  We found out another new one this week.  One of Ted’s Aikido friends and his wife had a baby six weeks ago. They brought the baby to show at the Aikido practice and gave each person a cute little chocolate brownie treat. (The squirrel on the package is the Hokkaido version of the squirrel with long hair on the ears).

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Queeniepatch said...

Good for you to keep working on the hexagon quilt, it must be such a pleasure to see it grow.
I have found that gift giving in Japan is a way of showing gratitude for something done, sharing your adventures from a trip or for asking for acceptance for something new, new neighbours and babies are wishing to be accepted. Then you have the routine gifts and the return gifts... There is always a reason to give a gift! If not a physical one, at least a bow and a kind word.