Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Anniversary Adventure Trip - Day 2

As I told you yesterday, when we went to the onsen Saturday evening the women’s was on the right and the men’s on the left. When we went down Sunday morning, I just assumed it was the same and didn’t look at  the kanji on the curtains before going in. I was surprised to see several naked men! I ran out and saw the curtains had changed! Lesson learned – no matter what, check the curtains before entering the onsen.

After onsen-ing, we had a “viking style” breakfast (which means buffet/all you can eat). The buffet had fish and eggs and rice and some mixed fruit and natto (which I didn’t choose).

We didn’t see any hungry bears on the trail, but there was one in the hotel.

After breakfast, we hiked around on some trails. There must be many foreign visitors to this area because the maps showed English in addition to Japanese.


At the end of the trail, we found a nice visitor’s center.


We took a different route home and went through the Biei and Furano area that we had visited in winter and summer.

On the way home we stopped and had a picnic near this little tourist stop, then rode the ferris wheel.

We had a great weekend.  If Ted is gone for our anniversary next year, we’ll have to go to Honshu for a week to top this.


Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. You sure had a great trip.

Queeniepatch said...

I wonder if there is anything in Honshu that can top this. I am sure you had a holiday that was just perfect for you. Ha, ha, I had to laugh about your adventures in the men's dressing room at the hotel. In old hotels you often find a larger bath or an open air bath originally made for men, while the ladies' bath is small. These days when equality is beginning to reach the shores of Japan, hotels use this change of bath routines, so it is important to read the 'kanji' on the noren curtain. Another trap for foreigners might be at the breakfast buffet; I see Ted is having eggs on his plate. I hope they are boiled; sometimes there are raw eggs, to be mixed the 'natto', and if you don't know that and break the shell with your spoon you might have a mess - I am speaking from experience!
Nature is impressive in Hokkaido, but the 3-D trick art on the gable of that building is fun, too.
I am glad to see more and more information in English is being provided.