Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Star Count - the Finished Project

Last week, I had the flat somewhat quilted piece. The next steps are kind of fiddly, but the end result is good. See what you think.

I stitched the hexagons together kind of like a zipper to make a tube.

I pieced the batting layer together with a herringbone stitch.

Next, I stitched the bottom together and took out the paper templates.

I like the no binding flip edge, so I used it again on this for the top edging/flap.

I stitched the inside lining closed on top of the batting (it’s still inside out at this point).

Here it is right side out, needing two rows of quilting, where it was joined together.
I flipped the top edging for the flap and slip stitched it into place.

Next I had to finish the quilting on the front where it was joined.

I also did a line of quilting along the top flap and the bottom edge.

To keep the flap closed, I attached three Velcro dots.  Velcro is called magic tape here.

Have you guessed what this little pouch is made for?  It’s specially made for Ted’s iPad mini.

That’s not the end of the story.  I wasn’t sure that Ted would close the Velcro properly and I didn’t want the iPad to fall out of the pouch, so I added some little elastic shoulders that would easily stretch to put the iPad in or take it out, but not let it accidently fall out. Now - Finished!

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  1. I would never have guessed you were making an iPad cover! What a wonderful surprise! I hope Ted felt the same and will love using it, knowing that there is a little bit of love in every stitch!
    You have made great progress this week!

  2. Fiddly is right! But, absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful finish.
    The bag is gorgeous.

  4. you are genius! Thanks for walking us through your process~

  5. This is lovely. I can't imagine doing this myself though. It looks very difficult with the inside out stitching and such.

  6. Wow, Pamela, this turned out beautiful! And very practical as well.

  7. Sweet! You are very craft! Love this!

  8. I love the elastic shoulder straps for the tablet! That is so clever. Beautiful and cheerful. Well done you! You had as all guessing. I had decided you were making a sewing machine cover, for some reason, so I obviously got the scale completely wrong! JJ

  9. What a great idea - and a lovely finish. xx

  10. This is absolutely wonderful! I never would have figured out how to flip it like that. Your elastic idea is super smart, too.

  11. Hi Pamela! Wow what a very smart idea & so beautifully made too! Ted's device is well protected now...
    Thank You for linking with 'Piece Yourself Together!'

  12. Very clever use of hexies, love this